nmmt-wbsiteNMMT has launched a new website which would give information about routes on which the buses would ply and other related information. The website would also be helpful during emergencies for the commuters regarding the availability of the bus. To help the commuters during emergencies and providing information regarding the availability of buses, the transport body has launched a website named www.nmmt.in. The website would contain map of the routes and areas where the buses ply, bus time table, information on future projects of NMMT etc. The transport manager of NMMT, Jitendra Papalkar gave us more insight. People can also give suggestions and complaints against the transport body through email that is www.nmmtmail@gmail.co.in. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Anil More for NMTV news.

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  • Ravindra Ramu Chowgule

    on 22/07/2016 we were waiting for bus at Desai Villeage bus stop , we shown hand to stop the bus but the driver only slow down the speed and when we was to catch the bus , the driver again increased the speed hence we could not boarded the bus,only one from our group boarded the bus ,when the fellow complained for the same ,the Driver of the bus missbehaved .
    ticket details;—-nmmt turbhe no020462 22/07/16 17.44 hrs 19.00 Rs ticket Desai Gaon to Balaji Garden 0016924350 D607220305 C003030