11-year old makes a mark in Marathi theatre

Since the age of 7, Kedar Suparkar has been acting in Marathi theatre. While children of his age used to play out in their leisure time, Kedar used to practice his dialogues to give his best in theatre. 11 year old Kedar today has made the city proud by performing in several prominent Marathi dramas which has been appreciated by all.

In his four years career, Kedar has perfomed in Marathi dramas like Gol Gol Rani, Itta Itta Pani, Ek Ticket Cinemacha, Anth Din Jeevacha and many others. He shares with us some of the memorable moments of performing in these dramas.

And while many might think that performing on stage and reciting your dialogues is easy, the budding artist also had to take some spur of the moment chances during his performances, one which he did when the stage mike malfunctioned. Managing his studies along with his passion, Kedar says that his support system is his family. Kedar’s father passed away and since then Kedar’s sister Sharda Suparkar has been an inspiration for him. She is a proud sister today. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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