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Lions nap on South African roads amid Coronavirus lockdown

While the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has confined masses globally to stay indoors at home, the wildlife seems to have taken over the deserted streets of the world.

The empty streets of South Africa have been lately attracting the big cats amid the Coronavirus lockdown.
South Africa’s Kruger National Park witnessed a pride of lions sleeping on the road which is usually crowded with tourists and visitors.
Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has ignited nation-wide quarantine and lockdowns initiating the shutting down of all wildlife parks across the country, the images of giant lions sleeping care-free on the roads of South Africa’s Kruger wildlife park went sweeping online on the Internet served a visual delight to netizens across the globe.
These pictures were shot by a ranger of the wildlife park while the lions were apparently fast asleep
This is remains to be an unusual sight and something that will occur once in a blue moon as lions tend to sleep on the park’s roads on colder nights in the winter, when the tar retains a lot of heat.

With quarantine and lockdowns halting and restricting people to hit the streets leaving them abandoned and still the lions have reclaimed the roads enjoying their freedom, presuming that the roads are a safe place for them to stroll, rest and venture.

The coronavirus pandemic has unintendedly brought up a sunny side of nature around the globe which we usually would not get to witness once life comes back to normalcy.



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