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Spain’s children reclaim streets after country eases lockdown measures

The outburst of the Coronavirus pandemic has left nations around the world battered and bruised.
The pandemic has devastated rich economies quashing their glories to anxiety and sickness.
After losing hundreds and thousands of lives to the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are now hoping for a tentative ease of lockdown as daily infections and deaths record a gradual plunge.
France, Italy and Spain the most severely affected countries from the contagion have outlined plans and preparations to ease coronavirus lockdowns in their respective regions.

Spain has been one of those countries who adopted early and decisive measures during the initial days of the Coronavirus awakening.
Spain is one of the worst-hit countries ripped by the coronavirus pandemic, with COVID-19 cases sharply touching 229,422 and fatalities reaching 23,521, Spain has been through a brutal confrontation with deadly contagious disease.
For the first time in 6 weeks, Spain has reported its lowest daily death toll in more than a month, vouching on uncertainties Spain has eased its lockdown measures to allow children to run-free outside on its streets.
Relaxations in the lockdown are subjected to conditions which allow the country’s 6.3 million under-14 children to leave their homes for only an hour each day between 09:00 and 21:00 restricting them to not cross more than a kilometre.
The ones over 13 are allowed to run errands for their parents, to meet their necessities, however with the risk of the highly contagious disease prevailing parents tend to prefer not to send their children out, especially to enclosed places such as supermarkets and malls.

While Spain offers the liberty of bicycles, skates and skateboards on its roads, public parks and gardens still remain off-limits.
With basic lockdowns still intact with schools remaining shut for another several weeks; the government is considering on their plans to loosen the lockdown further in the second half of May.


Even though Italy, Britain, Spain and France have accounted for more than 20,000 deaths each,  Psychologists have welcomed the move of lifting the lockdown restrictions for smaller children, stating that allowing children to remain even one hour outside each day can help and provide an important boost to their state of mind as the change of routine, being outside and being in the sunlight – all of that is extremely important and integral for health.

While Spain has embraced to open up its economies flexing its lockdowns, other countries grappling amid the pandemic are vigil and all eyes wide in observing how the hardest-hit countries will cope up with their situations and whether they will emerge from their crippling lockdowns o.



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