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The horrifying Pakistan air disaster leaves only 2 survivors

Pakistani plane crashed with nearly 99 people on board in the southern city of Karachi on Friday, with nearly 99 people on board in the southern city of Karachi on Friday, authorities said there were two survivors and 97 victims in the disaster.

Raja Amjad was out for an afternoon drive when he was blindsided by a body that landed on his car, Survivors told horrific tales of bodies landing on their cars.

As Amjad jumped from his vehicle, he looked overhead to see another passenger still alive and dangling from the plane’s emergency exit, calling for help.

Amjad told to AFP, “He was alive. He was speaking. He asked me to save him. I tried to pull him out, but his legs were badly stuck in the emergency door,”

The aircraft’s wings sliced through roofs as the fuselage smashed into pieces, while the fire from the crash spread to nearby homes close to the bustling port city’s airport.

Rescue workers arrived immediately and along with residents began combing through the debris looking for survivors as firefighters tried to extinguish the flames fed by the Airbus A320’s jet fuel.

Resident┬áNajeeb Ur Rehman said “I heard a blast. Immediately I ran outside. There were clouds of smoke. There was fire. The fire erupted on the roof of a house,”

The centre of the crash was littered with debris from pieces of the plane’s cabin along with personal goods from luggage, which were scattered across vehicles and motorbikes parked in front of homes.

Several bodies still had their seatbelts fastened while others were wearing oxygen masks said by the fire fighter Sarfraz Ahmed at the site.

Rescuers and security forces paused for a few minutes to break their Ramadan fasts as they sipped water and nibbled on fruit at dusk while the call to prayer blared before heading back to the crash site. After spending hours working in the scorching heat.

Mudassar Ahmed, whose home was just blocks from the crash site said “This Eid had already become meaningless because of coronavirus, but now it has become a tragedy for all of us, not only the relatives of the victims,”

Commercial flights had resumed just a few days ago, after planes were grounded during a lockdown.

– Davinder Panesar, NMTV News


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