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Is China buying out Countries to Rule the World?

Ever since the dawn of the Coronavirus pandemic, China has come under the scrutiny of world criticism. The Coronavirus infection is mapping its footprints mightily across the globe bringing to dust the class-apart technologies, strategies, health infrastructures while decimating lives and crippling well planned economies.

China’s plans of ‘expansionism’ in order to establish itself as the single greatest superpower is not a mystery to the world, but with the steady and silent pace at which they accelerate towards their goals can inevitably pose a dangerous risk to it’s neighbouring countries and the world at large.

It seems quite unusual to call out that though China is a ‘Developing’ country yet it has emerged itself to be called as the ‘Global Investor’ of the World. By the lines in which China moves, reports believe that China will become one or the only world’s biggest cross-border investor in the coming decades, but what comes as an alarm is not the strategies that China has made but the very fact that their half-way through its implementation.


With it’s record level of foreign exchange reserves, it cannot be denied that China is ‘Buying The World’.

China has spread its root of investments in most of the developed and developing countries, turning their multinationals to have billions of dollars in sales revenue every year in China and source billions more in goods produced there for export.

With COVID-19 hitting its lowest blows, globally dwindling the world’s economies, Chinese companies are swooping in with buckets of cash to buy strategic stakes, majorly to absorb control in U.S. and European companies as asset prices are drastically falling due to the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left top officials of different governments believing that China might use this time to buy greater influence.

China became the second biggest foreign investor of Philippines in 2019 and now in 2020 it is discovered that China is unscrupulously conducting business in the Pakistani markets.

Pakistan has looked upon China as their most reliable friend and as their potential principal backer against India.

Even as COVID-19 pandemic has pushed Pakistan over the edge of bankruptcy, China is utilising this hour to come out as a predatory economic actor.

Chinese Investments are deep-rooted in India and with the power of money it possess, it is going all out to buy different countries.

In Malaysia, China is building a 100 billion dollars forest city, bigger than Washington, advertising it, the company bills it as “a dream paradise for all mankind.” This Forest City is expected to be the largest overseas project by a Chinese developer.

They financially: OWN IT!

Sri Lanka has fallen prey to China’s ‘Debt Trap’ whenever Sri Lanka’s PM Mahinda Rajpaksa has turned over to China for loans the answer has always been a Yes which has resulted Sri Lanka to have heavy public investment projects financed by China.

In a famously known economical act, Sri Lanka was unable to pay off the loans obtained from China to construct Hambantota port, Sri Lanka was left with no choice but to hand over the port of national and strategic importance  to Chinese in order to control to pay off the debt.

They financially: OWN IT!

In 2015, the then US President Barack Obama cancelled his stay at New York’s Waldorf Astoria during the UN general assembly after it was known that the hotel was bought by a Chinese insurance firm posing risks about possible espionage.

They financially: OWN IT!


The Coronavirus situation has placed China to soon emerge as the World Leader. While many countries are still struggling to stem the virus spread, China, the birthplace of Coronavirus has quickly managed to contain it’s COVID-19 situation, having a leverage to possess a huge economic advantage over the other countries.

With COVID-19 slashing down economies, many countries maybe forced to sell out to the Economic Giant China.


China has recently passed an act sparking fear for all its critics. In wake of the Hong Kong’s National Security Law, the lives of masses living outside of mainland China and Hong Kong holding critical opinions against Chinese Party-state are now at risk.

China has passed a draconian new security law which gives them the power to arrest whoever they want. This landmark legislation outlaws secessionist, subversive or terrorist activities, as well as foreign intervention in the city’s internal affairs.

It comes on record, as Hong Kong police have made their first arrest under the landmark law imposed by the Chinese government, giving Beijing draconian powers to punish dissent in the city.

The man was arrested for holding a flag that said: “HONGKONG INDEPENDENCE” giving the person the scope of even life imprisonment for displaying a pro-democracy flag.

Despite most of the rules are applicable to Hong Kong citizens, a shocking rule appears to target what critics describe as ‘everyone on the planet.’ Critics have citied the law to be absurd and outrageous, punishing non-Hong Kong residents who support the city’s independence clearly reflecting the meaning that people who are not even in China could be charged under the rule.

The law not only plans to takeover Hong Kong but also reflects a possible attempt on a Global Takeover.

Is the timing of this New Law A Coincidence???

Only time will reveal how this law plays a con to aid China in taking over the Globe.

India and China, the two-nuclear powerful countries, recently had its deadliest clash in decades while engaging in cross-border skirmish, where 20 Indian troops perished resulting an uproar of rage in the land of India.

Citing Chinese apps to be prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order India axed wildly popular Chinese video-sharing app TikTok and 58 others.

While Chinese have faced the heat over their practice of racism and afrophobia, it has hurled upon the world disastrous plagues and have strained economic ties at a time when the world is struggling to cope up with the deadly Coronavirus.

While it is important to let the acknowledgement sink in that the world is not Anti-Chinese people but are Anti-Chinese Government’s dubious actions.

It’s the need of the hour that the actions of China are brought under strict scrutiny and is made accountable as China’s plan in acing a ‘World Built By China’ may not just be a myth but a powerful course of action to change the future of the world.

– Marilyn Ravi, NMTV News






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