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New York displays a ‘Climate Countdown Clock’ revealing time left to avert climate disaster

With the COVID-19 pandemic reeling the world under enormous pressure, the environmental and societal disparities of climate change seems to be reaching it’s end game and it’s consequences over humanity are quite alarming.

From Typhoons rattling the South Pacific with greater severity and regularity, to Hurricane Katrina prompting the largest forced migrations to Civil conflicts and instability in the Middle East and Africa to Wildfires consuming the biology of Earth to shifting weather patterns threatening food production all are being linked to climate change making it the most defining issue of the era.

The drastic destructive climate change is prompting social work leaders and activists to shift the world’s attention to humanity’s most overlooked pressing issue, Artists Gan Golan and Andrew Boyd have sounded the bugle, warning the masses that the human civilisation is hanging on the verge of a catastrophe and the countdown has already begun.

In order, to invoke the much needed realisation and to spread their message abroad, the artist duo set up a Climate Deadline Clock ten stories high in New York at Manhattan’s Union Square.

The Metronome (public artwork) at New York’s Union Square has now transformed into a climate crisis countdown clock indicating the the rapidly diminishing time left for human race to cope up and act upon pragmatically.

The clock at the world’s iconic city in actuality is displaying a deadline of the years, days, hours, minutes and seconds left with humanity to control the emissions of greenhouse gases for developing a sustainable planet to inhabit in the years to come.

The climate clock displays two numbers. On September 17, the clock began counting down from seven years, 103 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes and seven seconds, displayed in red. If greenhouse gas emissions continue to pace at their current speed, then when the clock runs out, the average global temperature will be irreversibly on its way to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels.

The clock also displays a percentage value in green, which signifies the fraction of energy produced with renewable sources, which is called the lifeline.

It is the need of the hour to get Earth’s lifeline to 100% before our deadline hits rock bottom, with the clock revealing that humanity now only has a little over seven years to attain this very inevitable challenge, a laborious goal amid already testing times as such.

Reports from notable institutions reveal that about one-fifth of the world has already faced at least one season with average temperatures at least 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels and if at all the average temperature of the whole Earth passes this threshold, then people may suffer with serious health issues, illness, severe heatwaves, extreme droughts and increasing storms and hurricanes.

Yet, on a motivating note, the clock has not yet hit zero, it is not a doomsday clock, it is in practicality a warning clock, a wake up alarm to boost individual awareness and spread a sense of the acceptance of a non-negotiable reality, a much laden responsibility across the world to save our planet from going down.

The artist duo hopes that the climate clock serves its purpose in being a beacon to galvanize climate action and direct world efforts to combat a colossal climate destruction.

The New York City’s Climate Clock will remain on display until September 27, the end of the city’s Climate Week.

With the happenings around the world it’s time for humanity to ‘synchronize their watches’ and put forth a united front in combating climate change and global warming because as much as we count on each other the planet now counts on us.

– Marilyn Ravi, NMTV News


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