Music against corruption!!! This one is an ode to Anna

The entire nation is captivated by the phenomenon called Anna Hazare. He has ignited the fire in every alert citizen to stand up against corrupt leaders, corrupt politicians, corrupt bureaucrats and corrupt minds that have corrupted the system.

This passion has now lit musical chords too. In respect of the modern day Gandhian, the band Motherjane has just released a brand new song against corruption. Titled “No Contest”, the song is written by Suraj Mani and spread an anti corruption message.

The band that shot to fame with their numbers ‘Jihad’ for the Amal Neerad film ‘Anwar’ and ‘Tribes of Babel’ for the Amnesty International’s album ‘PEACE’, brought together around 150 artists from all over the world for their new number against corruption.
You can catch the number on youtube.


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