40 CANDIDATES OF MUMBAI AND THANE HAVE CRIMINAL RECORD There are 196 candidates going to be contesting the elections across Mumbai and Thane on April 30. Among these, 40 have criminal records. 61 of the 196 candidates contesting the elections are graduate, post graduate and doctorate. While 70 candidates are those who have not passed even 10th Std. On 30th April, 10 constituencies will go for elections in Mumbai and Thane. In these, the Thane constituency has the maximum number of candidates contesting with the number being 30 and the least is in Palghar where 8 candidates are contesting the Lok Sabha elections. 10, 000 VOTING MACHINES FOR MUMBAI In Lok Sabha elections, there are 3331 Electronic Voting Machines for the two constituencies falling in Mumbai city while there are 6684 Electronic Voting Machines for the four constituencies forming suburban Mumbai. These machines are manufactured in India made by Bangolore based Bharat Electronics and Hyderabad’s Electronics Corporation of India. BLIND AND DISABLED VOTING ACCESIBILITY NEGLECTED To make it a smooth and convenient day for voters during Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission has brought into effect several hi tech methods across the country. On paper, it has even formed rules of how voting centers will be made easily accessible for persons with disabilities but in reality, most of these are not being practiced due to which Lok Sabha elections 2009 would be another year of general elections when most disabled persons will not be able to exercise their right to vote. It may be recalled that in the year 2007, the Supreme Court had asked the Election Commission to make voting process disabled friendly and even Election Commission had intended to do the same but the local administrations failed to take serious note of this. CITY LAZY, SLUMS ACTIVE…AGAIN ! According to reports, in these Lok Sabha elections this year again voting percentage registered in cities have been very poor as compared to villages and slums. The seats that have direct fight between political parties have registered a higher percentage of voting as compared to other constituencies. And where one expects one sided victory of a particular candidate, the voting percentage in such constituencies has been very low. If this trend is seen in Thane and Mumbai as well, then one can expect more voting in slums, villages and other unorganized areas while the rich, elite, middle class and educated will once again fail to exercise their right to vote but will definitely go on cribbing about their issues for the next years.


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