AAP leader Preeti Sharma Menon accuses Minister Pankaja Munde being involved in the aganwadi scam

fter the chikki scam and the take-home ration scam, Pankaja Munde, the minister for woman and child welfare has been accused by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Preeti Sharma Menon of being involved in the aganwadi scam.

Menon has also named the son of Raosaheb Danve, the BJP state president in this scam. Both have been accused of tweaking the conditions in the tender whereby the small bidders were automatically unable to bid. They have awarded the THR (Take Home Rations) tenders worth Rs 5,439 crore to 18 Mahila Mandals. All guidelines were flouted and 16 out of them are “fake and fraudulent, alleges Menon.

The supply of the nutrition through the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) are done through the THR from the village communities, self-help groups and Mahila Mandals.

“Since last few months, the ministry under the leadership of Pankaja Munde awarded tenders to 18 Mahila Mandals. In 3 Mandals, Venkateshwara Mahila Audhyogic Utpadan Sahakari Sanstha Limited, Mahalaxmi Mahila Grhaudhyog & Balvikas Buddheshiya Audhyogic Sahakari Sanstha and Maharashtra Mahila Sahakari Grahudhyog Sanstha Limited were found to be fraud by a commission of inquiry appointed by Supreme Court in 2012,” Sharma said.

“Munde awarded tender to 15 new Mandals out which 13 Mandals have been found to be working on fake and dubious grounds,” Sharma said referring to the investigation done on her own and the members of other self-help groups who lost their contracts in fresh round of tendering. Sharma also alleged that while coming up with fresh round of tender, Munde ‘manipulated’ the tendering clause to benefit her own business partners that snatched the means of livelihoods of over 300 genuine Mahila Mandals across the state.

She said, “Pankaja Munde allotted tenders worth total of Rs 5439.40 crore in last fiscal year illegally, out of which Rs 4805.78 crore tenders were allotted to three black listed Bachat Gat while tenders worth Rs 633.50 crore were allotted to 15 Bachat Gats out of which 12 are not eligible.”

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