Abandoned garbage vehicle spells doom to citizens’ health in sector 10 Nerul

The residents of sector 10 Nerul are living in absolute unhygienic condition, courtesy NMMC. Two garbage vehicles that were stationed in their node to collect garbage has today become a curse than a boon.

If you visit sector 10 in Nerul, what will welcome you is heaps of garbage strewn around. For the last three days, NMMC’s garbage vehicle is parked in this node and has not been removed. The problem started when NMMC stationed two garbage vehicles in this node to collect garbage keeping in mind the Ganpati festival. However, one of the vehicles broke down. This vehicle heaped with garbage was left abandoned and not removed by NMMC for the last three days. Foul smell emancipates from the abandoned vehicle inconveniencing passer-bys. Residents voiced that NMMC was neglecting their duties.

Not just the abandoned vehicles, but NMMC has also failed to collect the daily garbage from societies. The residents also blame the NMMC contractor Anthony who has been given the contract from collecting garbage from societies. After speaking to the residents, we met the local corporator of the area Dilip Ghodekar who said that he had several times taken up the issue with the concerned NMMC officials. He sarcastically stated that he did not understand if contractors worked for NMMC, or NMMC for contractors.

If the local corporator himself failed to resolve the issue of his own ward that spells health hazards and health perils for citizens, it’s not difficult to understand what the plight of the common man would be in resolving the basic issues in their node. Ironically such reports of filthy and stinking environs are reported from a city that has won the first place in the state sponsored “Sant Gadge Baba Urban Cleanliness Drive”. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.


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