Dr. Ravi Subbaiah

Meet Dr. Ravi Subbaiah – destiny’s child who dared to change destiny itself !

Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s childhood is a tale of struggle and hardship. However his belief in Lord Jesus Christ gave him the will and strength to do and soul to dare, he faced every challenge and test of life. He proved that what
happens to a man is less significant than what happens within him.

Born in a staunch Hindu family Ravi Subbaiah was one of the early child-victims of polio in India. But instead of losing to the bitter tests of life, Ravi Subbaiah turned every adversity into opportunity. In his journey from an adolescent to a young man, he learnt to live life daringly, boldly and fearlessly.

He became the Founder-Director of the largest cable network of Navi Mumbai!

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Editor-in-chief NMTV

Ravi Subbaiah

A couple of years, he took his first step towards the real mission of his life. And he called this mission NMTV – the only local cable news station to be accredited by the government of Maharashtra. In Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s trademark style, NMTV dares to bare the truth. Working in the capacity of the Editor-in-Chief of the channel Dr. Ravi Subbaiah has ensured that NMTV stays as a media independent of government, political party and any other special interests is making a yeomen contribution to journalism in the city, as a whole.

Dr. Ravi Subbaiah has evidently resolved to assert the editorial independence of the news channel, which is the key to the best in journalism by sparing no effort to endure its economic independence. Dr. Ravi Subbaiah is also the first person with disability in the world to head the operations of a local cable news station. This feat was recognized when the University of Jerusalem conferred on him an honorary doctorate for his research and work in the field of media and news broadcasting industry. The quality that gives any media its distinction is the collective contribution of the team. Under Dr. Ravi Subbaiah, NMTV has been home to the city’s finest talent.

NMTV completed a decade in style – the channel went global by becoming the first local news station in India to go LIVE online on the web (www.nmtv.tv ) and is also enlisted on the satellite now!

President – Handicap Welfare Association

Simultaneously, Dr. Ravi also is also the President of the Handicap Welfare Association. Handicap Welfare Association is a NGO that works for equal rights, opportunities and welfare of persons with disabilities.

Under Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s leadership, the NGO has successfully conducted meetings between policy makers, taken up issues of persons with disabilities with authorities, worked towards implementation of their rights and has employed them within his organization as well.

Motivational Speaker

As HWA continues to strive working for special people and NMTV gears up to enter another challenging arena of global broadcasting industry, Dr. Ravi Subbaiah has attained the distinguished identity of being an ambassador of motivation and inspiration for others.

When he attends public events in his unique style, he has on-lookers awe-struck, motivated and inspired. He personifies the willingness that never quits. Dr. Ravi Subbaiah dared to confront what can only be imagined. The choices he makes and the chances he takes have always determined his destiny. Just by seeing him or hearing him talk of his handicap, his struggles and his success story – one realizes the impact of attitude is his life. Attitude, to him, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, then circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think, say, or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It is what makes Dr. Ravi Subbaiah – the one who dared to change destiny!

Personal Life

  • Dr. Ravi Subbaiah is married to Deepika Rani Ravi and has two daughters Marilyn (aged 11 years) and Caroliyn (aged 9 years).
  • His dad passed away in 1998.
  • His mother and two brothers live in the same city of Navi Mumbai where Dr. Ravi Subbaiah resides.
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