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Activist Sandeep Thakur says Transit camps on open plots & gardens a fraud to benefit builders

The NMMC has come up with one of its most shocking proposals in recent history. The corporation proposes to make transit camps on open plots, gardens and open spaces in Navi Mumbai for redevelopment projects. The logic behind is that citizens who will be displaced by redevelopment of their homes are not dislocated and their normal lives in their neighborhood is not disrupted. “We have seen in Mumbai that often redevelopment projects are delayed because families do not want to shift to new locations or they later get settled in their new areas that they do not want to come back to their original locations. That is why we want to provide them transit camps adjacent or in the neighbourhood of their homes,” explains NMMC Commissioner Dr. Ramaswami N.
NMTV caught up with social activist Sandeep Thakur who termed the entire proposal as fraud. Sandeep Thakur says that the proposal is out of DCR and compromises on public spaces and gardens. Once again training his guns at Shiv Sena corporator Kishor Patkar, Sandeep Thakur says that KP has pioneered this proposal. He taunted that Patkar is one of the poor who owns 10 CIDCO tenements and as a poor will be benefitted because of the proposal.
Sandeep Thakur points out that in the case of redevelopment, builders are getting prime land at zero cost and the price of the land will be pocketed by the builder.
The NMMC Commissioner had said that the aim of the proposal is to providing housing to citizens in the vicinity of their redeveloping homes.
The activist says that the logic of not wanting to dislocate citizens is illogical.
Sandeep Thakur clarifies that there is no objection for building transit camps but they should be built on CIDCO plots instead.
Sandeep Thakur points out that even the Commissioner does not have the power to grant FSI on gardens and open plots.
If the proposal is approved, Navi Mumbai could become the first city where transit camps are built on open spaces.
Sandeep Thakur questioned why is NMMC making redevelopment area’s layout attractive, when the increased market value will befenit only the builders.
However, according to the Commissioner the proposal is definitely not aimed at benefitting the builders. First the wetlands in Navi Mumbai and now open spaces, gardens and playgrounds are under the threat of land grab. The worst perhaps is that the NCP ruled NMMC is playing the role of agent making way for the builder lobby to gobble open spaces, even gardens for commercialization.
If the history of transit camps built in Mumbai is anything to go by, all transit camps are eventually either never vacated or make way for commercial exploitation. Making it clear that once the transit camps are made, the open spaces and gardens will be wiped out forever.
For the last 20 years, political games have been played to win elections in the name of redevelopment. If the proposal is approved in NMMC, it will spell fatal catastrophe and disaster converting Navi Mumbai into another Vasai, Virar and Nalasopara.


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