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Adult Star Sunny Leone gears up to make her debut in Bollywood

There are many people who have objection of porn star Sunny Leone getting an entry in Bollywood. In fact there are even actors who have shied away from working with Sunny because of her background. While some doubt how will Leone carry out the film when she hardly knows Hindi or anything about Indian culture, some are wondering what limits Sunny will cross to leave Bipasha Basu performance of ‘Jism’ behind.

Aware of all the controversies surrounding her, Sunny speaks that she is not at all bothered about them. She says that her fans love her, the media is with her and because of all the support she is getting from people, she prefers keeping the controversies in her pockets. The fact that surprises Leone is that people have no problem working with wife beaters, child molesters and rapists but they have problem working with her, accepting her as a part of their industry only because she lives her life on her own term in her own nation.

Sunny Leone also states that she has no regret about what she had been doing or how she has been making money. She had started her career at the age of 19 when an agent from the industry had approached her and she had willingly accepted the offer. She was happy with her previous work and life also and she is confident about her upcoming film and her new career also stating that people had loved her before and people will accept and love her in the future also.

Well, Leone that will be decided on you carry out yourself in Bollywood as it’s a total different realm altogether. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.


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