Last fortnight has seen several hoardings and banners by NCP corporators and party workers wishing their leader Sharad Pawar birthday. These illegal political hoardings have been put up despite Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik calling a special meet in July ordering his party and NMMC officials of freeing the city’s skyline from them. Hoardings seem to be very slowly occupying every visible space in the city. Earlier when Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik took cognizance of the matter, the number of illegal hoardings reduced but slowly and steadily the number has risen again. Especially the temporary illegal hoardings put up by political groups, wishing citizens on festivals or asking for good wishes on birthdays of their leaders! Indeed, the political hoardings are proving to be more of a nuisance. Especially as this month saw the birthday celebrations of NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar. Every NCP corporator and party worker has put up hoardings that dot the city. Not only are these hoardings everywhere, but being illegal they are put up with bamboo sticks-making quite an ugly sight. In a recent function, Navi Mumbai quested Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik about the same. Nowadays advertisings agencies are patronizing political leaders for benefits in the long run. Recently, when Navi Mumbai News had reported Crores of Rupees loss to NMMC due to illegal hoardings, DMC Dilip Gutte – the NMMC Official in charge of hoardings was transferred to Nanded. Sources allege that a leading advertising agency had bribed him and gifted him stays at resorts and showered him with other lures to help the same advertising agency get the contract year after year. Today in several nodes of the city, we do not experience an aesthetically pleasing urban landscape or seashore, or trees, or skyline. If and when implemented the new NMMC strictures will come as a relief and save Navi Mumbai from becoming a city of hoardings and banners. Since these rules may be harsh and difficult for advertising agencies, they are patronizing corporators by displaying their illegal hoardings and banners. The latter might be paying respect to their leaders but it has become a mockery that the hoardings are still being displayed even after the occasion has passed.


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