After fast of one month, Early morning Eid prayers sets the festive tune for Muslims in Mumbai

Eid celebrations were witnessed in the city by the Muslim community where they read the early morning EId prayers to begin the festive tune to this most revered festival for Muslims.

It is true that the Id moon can be seen only once in a year and in the city it has come with blessings and contentment. The fast of Ramadan is broken with special prayers and festivities. The ‘Eid prayer is very important for all Muslims. Each ‘Eid is a wholesome celebration of a remarkable achievement of the individual Muslim in the service of Allah. In Mumbai, hundreds of Muslims visit the mosque for Eid prayers. Similar scene was visited at the mosque in Vashi where fruits were distributed. Many dignitaries were also present to be a part of the celebrations here.

Another place where many Muslims come to read their prayers is the Nerul mosque. Bureau report – NMTV News,


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