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After the whole government shutdown episode, its high time the Republicans should focus on other major issues rather than still targeting ‘Obamacare’, US

Although government shutdown in America has ended, but it seems that the Republicans have not ended the reason for which the whole shutdown had happened. It is no doubt that the fact, to fulfill their demands the Republicans went ahead for the whole shutdown plan without even thinking about the fact that almost thousands of workers of every field would be left helpless and unemployed, will work against the image of the Republicans. As the recent poll reveals that the image of the Republicans has been severely damaged. But still it seems that the Republicans have not learnt anything from the whole shutdown episode. It could be understood after House Speaker John Boehner addressed the reporters present at the Republicans National Committee headquarters speaking of what they are thinking and what are their plans now. It wasn’t a surprise that from the beginning to the end, Boehner didn’t prefer talking anything except about ‘Obamacare’ throughout his speech. The fact how the Affordable Care Act is still looming dangerously over them, and still nothing been done about it. Not only Boehner, but House Republican Conference chairman and even her deputy favorite topic had been ‘Obamacare’.
But the fact is that the Republicans should realize that now they should focus on other things, like about the people and about the economy, if they desire on winning back the support of their people. Because if there were anybody who were opposing Obamacare or for that reason if they were unaware of the whole Act, then the Republicans did a very good job of introducing and making it acceptable not only to the Americans but to the whole world. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV


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