NMMC is misleading locals – this time literally.Seeing is believing but if you see this board and believe that Modern College is situated on the side that is being directed in this signage, you are wrong. To begin with you are at Airoli and Modern College is at Vashi. If you head towards the direction shown on the board, you will reach another college. You might not be mislead if you read above where the directions of various sectors tell you that you are at Airoli. On the same board where the signage read sector 15, in that direction you will not go to Sector 15, Airoli. For sector 15, you have to take the direction exactly opposite to the one shown on this board. Moreover, even the printing on the board is wrong, as Modern College is no more Modern College but Karmveer Bhaurao Patil College. While the local ward office was informed about the blunder, we do not expect action any soon. When burning civic issues take ages to be addressed, such civic lapses become a subject to laugh upon sooner or later. We too decided to share it with you for its amusing factor. With cameraperson Gyaneshwar Mali, Milind Tambe for Navi Mumbai News.


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