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Antioxidants present in chocolates help in losing weight!!

From the University of California San Diego, researchers have presented their finding which reveals that those people who eat chocolates more frequently tends to weigh less in comparison to those who consume it less.

The researchers had carried out a study on cholesterol lowering drugs that showed 1000 healthy adults on typical eating habits, which included their consumption of chocolates. The study represented that people who ate chocolate more frequently tended to eat more calories overall including saturated fats, comparing to those who consumed at fewer times. Even after the consumption difference it was laid out that these people who ate more chocolates tended to have lower body weight than the other group. Of course it also included their age and gender with the amount of exercise they carried out. Again it was also balanced with the fact of how often they ate chocolate, rather than the total amount that was linked to their weight.

The researchers stated that because of the antioxidants present in the chocolates it helps in keeping the blood pressure low and lower cholesterol. It also helps in reducing weight. The study also showed dark chocolates more favorable as they have more of flavonoids. But again it is also been advised to eat in moderation as not only chocolates anything in excess can be harmful. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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