apmc-marketWith the Chairman elections of the APMC board to be held soon, in fights in the present committee have surfaced. On one side two Directors of the board blame the chairman of going anti-Maharashtrian and not issuing licenses to 293 traders. Two APMC Directors have come out in the open against the Chairman of the APMC Board Dwarkaprasad Kakani. They say that in the case of issuing licenses to 293 traders, the Chairman is supporting the Dy. Secretary’s report with the intent to harass the Maharashtrian traders. The 293 traders in question are those whose licenses were being inspected by the Agricultural Ministry by forming a separate committee headed by the Dy. Secretary. In his report the Dy. Secretary says that only 70 are genuine traders while 144 have falsified records and violated norms to procure licenses. The Chairman Dwarkaprasad Kakani has stood by the report of the Committee stating that the findings of the Committee are correct. The stance of the Chairman who chose not to support the traders is being opposed by Balasaheb Bhende and Ashok Walunj. Though the Chairman Dwarkaprasad Kakani is believed to be a close confidante of Sharad Pawar, the duo say that the Chairman is anti-Maharashtrian. When Navi Mumbai News tried contact the Chairman Dwarkaprasad Kakani, he was attending a marriage and was too busy to comment on the allegations. The licenses controversy at APMC Fruit Market is being associated to the soon to be held Chairman elections of the APMC board.


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