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Between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s battle to sort out economic crisis, Obama takes the lead

Since the beginning of 2012 election campaign, the main question that had been revolving around the candidates have been-Who can revive the sinking economy? And ever since the campaign had started, both the candidates have listed their ideas, plans and strategies of how this problem could be dealt. Both the candidates have brought out their opponents low points and made sure that would work in their stride.

With a recent survey that had been conducted it was seen that Obama’s plans are more of a short term need, which would be met with the demands of the people where as Mitt Romney’s plans are laid on desirable goals. Romney promises to fight economic crisis and that he would work hard on educational field with excellent teaching facilities and so on, but not even once had he ever mentioned as how would he ever do that. Whereas Obama’s plan are to spend on infrastructure where all the sections of public services would be benefited, a plan that would directly fight unemployment. Obama’s plan works on funding state and local governments, again benefiting the economy, but Romney’s plan does not speak of any of these approvals.

Well, if the Americans are heard loud and clear, then at the moment majority of the people seem to cheer for Obama’s team work. Way to go Mr. President. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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