BJP and NCP party rivalries halts public work in Turbhe

Looks like party rivalry between the BJP and NCP is affecting the public work in Turbhe. The issue came to light when a proposal to widen roads and repair footpaths in the Gaonthan Expansion Scheme area in Turbhe was tabled for discussions and approval of the General Body in NMMC.

In the General Body meeting held this month, a proposal for widening of roads and repairing footpaths in Sector 22, Turbhe at a cost of Rs. 70 lacs 33 Thousand 376 was tabled for approval. This is the second time that this proposal was tabled for the administrative approval of general body. However, overlooking the need of the doing the work, the proposal turned out to be a tussle between the corporator of NCP and BJP at Turbhe. The proposal was of the ward belonging to lone BJP corporator Vijaya Gharat. Opposing the proposal on the grounds that even work in his ward should be included in the same proposal, NCP Corporator Chandrakant Patil opposed the project.

BJP Corporator Vijaya Gharat countered the demand of Chandrakant Patil saying that prior to this NCP Corporator Shubangi Patil had objected to the proposal and it was stalled and now Chandrakant Patil is opposing it. An argument followed this and the proposal was rejected. To find out how necessary the work is, NMTV went to the area in question Turbhe and the sight was enough to answer to the question. The pathetic conditions that prevailed exposed that the work is in fact, needed to be carried out in Sector 22, Turbhe.

Evidently residents who spoke to NMTV said that there is an urgent need to repair footpaths and widen roads. On footpath repair, locals said that it would ease the troubles faced by pedestrians, especially students. The residents also voiced the need to widen the roads to ease the traffic menace in the area. Clearly there is a need to repair the footpaths and widen the roads in Sector 22 Turbhe. However, the reason why this work is being stalled. The reason behind this is that not very long ago, Turbhe was literally ruled by the Patils. However, for the first time in NMMC history, in 2010, the sitting NCP corporator Babytai Patil was defeated by BJP corporator Vijaya Gharat. And it is this rivalry; that Shubangi Patil and Chandrakant Patil are opposing the public work in Vijaya Gharat’s ward. The stand of the General Body to reject the proposal shows that often political play is given more importance than public welfare work. With Gangasingh Rajpurohit, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.


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