BJP storm sweeps all in the Panvel city Municipal Corporation


It was the BJP against the rest in the maiden Panvel city municipal corporation (PCMC) poll last week. The BJP’s stupendous run of 51 of the 78 seats (two won by the RPI alliance) in the Panvel civic poll last week was because it garnered 47.828% of the total votes polled while the rest was shared by 20 other parties, and NOTA.

While lead rival BSKP that contested in grand alliance with the Congress, NCP and a faction of RPI got stuck at 27.58%, NCP was just decimal points ahead of the NOTA share. The vote got shared among 22 parties that include NOTA.

Shiv Sena drew a blank managed 7.86% of votes and the pattern of voting in the 20 wards reveals it performed poorly against the BJP in the New Panvel node (which includes the old township) except in ward 18 and also in the villages.

The BJP made a strong dent in the villages (ward 1-3), considered to be a stronghold of the BSKP. The BJP actually outperformed the BSKP in ward 1 and 3 and ran a close race in ward number 2 where it got 46% against 48% of the BSKP’s share.

The Sena challenge was the poorest in ward 17 with just 1 % against 59% of the BJP. The BJP majorly pocketed the thickly populated wards of 14-20 with the highest number of voters; The BSKP snatched more (48%) in ward 18 against 43 % of the BJP share.The two parties—Congress and NCP in grand alliance got 5.95% and 2.843% respectively of the votes polled. NOTA share was 2.176%