Bollywood’s Orginal Beauty Madhubala


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Her beauty can never be fully described. The innocence and vulnerability in her looks, her attractive complexion and highly chiselled features, her scintillating smile and her histrionic abilities. Cinema-goers and critics have been so dazzled by Madhubala’s looks that they often fail to appreciate her immense talent. Madhubala is Indian cinema’s most charming star and an enduring legend !
She had everything an actress would desire but her love life was in shambles. She married Kishore Kumar, but was left alone in her last few years, suffering from a heart illness. Her last film, Mughal-i-Azam, was released when she was 27 and she died when she was 36 from a congenital heart disease. Ironically, the surgical cure for a hole in the heart became a success shortly after her death.Madhubala’s screen presence was magical to say the least. Her innocence, beauty and glamour was often compared with Marilyn Monroe and perhaps that is why she has attained the iconic position of being the most charmingly beautiful legend of the Indian cinema !