Britain lays out strict laws and severe punishment for those found guilty of revenge pornography, UK


The Crown Prosecution Service of Britain have set a new law, a law that according to them would enable to curb rising crimes on the social media. The law that has been set by the CPS states that a person who is found guilty of revenge pornography will have to face rigorous punishment of 14 years in jail.
Revenge pornography are mostly uploaded by ex partners or by someone who could possibly get hands on images that are completely sexually explicit media of an individual, which is often accompanied by the person’s complete information like his or her full name, links, profile status and mostly address. With this act not only the person’s image is hampered they tend to become easy targets. These uploading are carried out without the person’s consent.
According to CPS, by imposing strict laws and severe punishment, there is a possibility that the rising crime of revenge pornography can be controlled. ‘No one should have to face or suffer the hurt and humiliation of revenge pornography, which appears a nasty and invasive crime, anecdotally at least, to have increased as social media use have gone up’ stated by a CPS spokesperson. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV