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Britain’s Prince Harry who is at present in Afghanistan, has become the top target of the Afghan Taliban

Britain’s Prince Harry is on a four month tour in Afghanistan, where he will be both a gunner and a co pilot who would be responsible for firing the Apache’s wing mounted aerial rockets, missiles and 30mm machine gun. Like any other soldier even Prince Harry been serving his country and would serve wherever he would be send to. Even before this in year 2008, Harry had served in Afghanistan as an on-ground air controller, but at that time his trip was been cut short when his security systems had collapsed.

But this time it had been reported that the Afghan Taliban are targeting Prince Harry, either to kidnap him or assassinate him, so that they could get rid of him. After his uncle Prince Andrew, Harry has become the first member of the British Royal to serve in a war zone area. Harry’s uncle has served as a helicopter pilot in Falklands war with Argentina in 1982. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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