crematoriumsA new concern for the city is the increasing misuse of the crematoriums of the city for illegal activities. The situation has worsened so much that the sight in several crematoriums is utmost shameful for the city of the 21st century. While the NMMC the issue was raised at the NMMC general body, our team visited a few crematoriums and the situation is quite disturbing. The issue of city crematoriums becoming a safe den for illegal activities raised huge protest in this month’s general body meet but even this cannot begin to describe how disturbing the situation prevailing in some of the city crematoriums are. From playing cards, to drugs, there are even signs of indecent activities being carried out from here in a rather shameful manner with no fear. At the Juhugaon crematorium, our team witnessed persons sitting and playing card. However on seeing the camera, they became alert. Besides this, the condition of the crematorium is highly pathetic. There is a heap of debris dumped in front of the main entrance of the crematorium indicating that very soon the entire crematorium can be treated as a dumping ground. The walls of the crematorium too are on the verge of collapse and call for immediate repair work. There aren’t gates for any of the entrances to the crematorium. The situation at the Kopri villages however, is worse and is outright shameful for the city of the 21st century. The way bits and pieces of adult magazines and other things are strewn in the crematorium, there is no doubt that there has been no maintenance work carried out here for ages or for that matter, there isn’t any security check either. Anti social elements seem to be indulging in all sorts of illegal and indecent activities with no fear. In the past there have been complaints of shortage of woods, workers demanding money for carrying dead bodies, unhygienic surroundings, not burnt parts of bodies thrown with garbage later and the likes, the present problems have been by far the most shocking and serious in nature. Last rites and rituals are said to be tributes and royal respects to the departed, the residents however, are being deprived due to authority’s negligence.


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