ganpoti-3Ganesh Chaturthi, arguably the most popular festival of Maharashtra is going to hit the city. Navi Mumbai too gears up to join the festivities as one sees the idols of Lord Ganesha displayed in various corners of the city. Ganpati is the festival of all festivals in the city. It is the time of Maharashtra celebrations where people of all communities and castes participate. The celebration of this festival is done with the belief that it brings prosperity, success, happiness and the likes for everyone. People buy Ganpati idols of different sizes, colors and expressions, denoting the various moods of life itself. The prayer or Ganpati Pooja is done for various periods ranging from1.5 day to 21 days, depending on what can be spent by whom and the work that one can afford to do in the celebrations. Also to add to these divinities, color is given to various nodes as people keep mandals with cultural programmes and games in the evenings for the period of ten days and such. There are many varieties of the elephant God that hits the market each year-the longest one being of four foot and called the Raja Sahi Ganesha. The other varieties range from Maysori Ganesha to Padmasan Ganesh and the likes. Presently artists, painters and decorators are rushing to meet deadlines. Corners of the city are bustling with activity in preparation for the Ganesh festival. The Ganeshas of different hues and sizes in attractive forms are being decorated. Due to this fast-paced life the need for readymade stuff has become a must and because of which there is a higher demand of thermacol temples and readymade idols. He also informed that the cost of materials having risen this year and so Lord Ganesha idols would cost the public a lot more this year. However, the blessing of Ganesha surpasses every expense!


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