City resident Manpreet Singh takes Navi Mumbai to rapping heights

While classical music will always be the forte of India, it still possesses many talents who have proved their mettle in hip hop and rap. Meet Manpreet Singh Gohman, a resident of Navi Mumbai, who speaks to us to this genre of music and his passion for it.

The music of India or the Hindustani music is worldwide known. The classical music found in India cannot be matched anywhere. However, while India has a rich heritage of classical music and folks, the music genre has also changed in the nation to keep pace with the changing times. And while you will find several aspiring stalwarts in classical music, even hip hop music is being taken up seriously by several talents in the city. Once such Navi Mumbai resident if Manpreet Singh who by chance got into rapping and today has performed many places.

While it takes years for someone to learn and make a mark in this field of music, but Manpreet’s determination and hard work has given him success. Initially, Manpreet was doing a course in Hotel Management but some of his friends pushed him to follow his passion of rapping. One of the achievements for Manpreet Singh is the opportunity to perform at BBC Asian Network for Manchester’s Fun Fair. Manpreet along with his three friends has also released 3-4 albums in London out of which his album “Judge Me later” got good response. He also shared with us his future plans. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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