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CM Devendra Fadnavis introduces his unique “Inclusive Politics” into Navi Mumbai

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Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is an intelligent and quick learner among other things that makes him first among equals in Maharashtra. And what he has done best is learnt from the mistakes committed by Congress and NCP, analyzed it and then made his own game-changing strategies. The top on it is perhaps “never exclusive, only inclusive” style of politics.

The Congress and NCP has always promoted a bootlicking culture. Those party workers and leaders who go overboard with pleasing their leaders have always been given preference and priority over others. The high commands of Congress and NCP often to please the second rung of its leaders, overlooked the others, while the second rung followed the same culture with those in lower political ranks to them. Perhaps that’s why terms like “darbars” “satraps” “bootlicking” are words often used to describe leaders and political culture of Congress and NCP.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s entry destroyed this political culture of Congress and NCP. The selection of Devendra Fadnavis as Chief Minister became both an iconic example of Modi politics and a strong message to party men – performance and corrupt-free record will be picked over influencing and bootlicking. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ public confession put this on record at the closing ceremony of the Maha Janadesh Yatra graced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he said that he was made Chief Minister even though he was a misfit in the social engineering of politics in Maharashtra.

Among the other smart cards that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis picked up in the last 5 years, one that Navi Mumbai has witnessed on ground is “inclusive politics”. This meant that the Chief Minister had no qualms about favoring those leaders of opposition parties that pledged loyalty to him. Never before in Navi Mumbai, has any Chief Minister been seen dropping over at homes of leaders in Navi Mumbai. The Chief Minister surprised everyone when he visited Mathadi leader Narendra Patil’s home a few years ago. And then later was seen calling Vijay Chougule a champion for Wadars in an event at Solapur. The day Ganesh Naik joined BJP, the Chief Minister visited his Navi Mumbai President Ramchandra Gharat’s home for Ganpati. And this week when Ganesh Naik rallied in Airoli constituency with the Chief Minister by his side, the same night the Chief Minister stopped by the party’s Belapur candidate and Naik’s rival Manda Mhatre’s home for a mere photo session.

The same day, Ganesh Naik’s election rally also went to Chinchpada for the first time in this election season. A stronghold of Vijay Chougule, Ganesh Naik hadn’t campaigned in Chinchpada perhaps so to not be seen with Vijay Chougule on the same grounds but the Chief Minister’s rally ended with a massive turnout at Chinchpada.

The Chief Minister practices inclusive politics by giving exclusive attention to every leader in Navi Mumbai. At Ganesh Naik’s event, he showers praises on Ganesh Naik, in Manda Mhatre’s event he shower praises on her, in Narendra Patil’s event he showers praises on Patil and in Vijay Chougule’s event, he is all praises about Vijay Chougule. When he rallied for Ganesh Naik, he ensured the same day he stops by to meet Manda Mhatre at her residence. He refrained from sharing the smallest of conversations with Vijay Chougule in front of the Naiks in his rally but spoke to him at length later while leaving Manda Mhatre’s residence. These are small but significant examples of how he believes in giving each leader “exclusive attention” while practicing “inclusive politics.”

Like elsewhere in Maharashtra, the new entrants in BJP in Navi Mumbai too are trying to adjust with Fadnavis style of inclusive politics. So far they were given both “royal” and “exclusive” treatment. But not anymore. The Chief Ministers message to all political rivals in Navi Mumbai, who by turn of fate have ended up in the same BJP bandwagon – is crystal clear – he will be personally available for every leader of Navi Mumbai. While the rival can remain each other’s rivals on ground in Navi Mumbai – each of their common diktats will come from their only leader – Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

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