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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi vows to bring back the glory days as defeat cannot hamper his determination

Congress poor hold in state Uttar Pradesh came in light when they had just won 28 seats out of 403 seats in the recent assembly elections. Their weakness could have easily been seen when their strongest supporters of Amethi and Rae Bareilly also failed to secure their position.

While addressing the party members on Friday in New Delhi, Rahul Gandhi said that he is not the one to accept defeat and that he will strive to bring back the glory days of the party. During the meeting all the leaders were pointing at each other for Congress defeats. But Rahul Gandhi’s message to his party members was very loud and clear. He stated that he will not tolerate any kind of indiscipline in the party. Also sensing the lack of coordination among each other, Gandhi also stressed on the fact that the MLA’s should maintain coordination and cooperate with the Central leaders. Because only if united the party can achieve success and to assure firm resolutions in 2014 polls, the party should be ready to face drastic reorganization of UP Congress.
Distribution of tickets and resolutions and statements delivered during election campaign and the reason for poor support among the people of Uttar Pradesh will be the main focus of the youth power of Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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