Days after tragic death of Philip Hughes, an Israeli umpire died on the field after the ball struck him on the jaw, Israel


It had been only a few days to the death of Australian cricketer Philip Hughes when another death with a ball on the field had been reported. 55 yrs old Hillel Oscar an umpire and former captain of Israel’s National team died on the field after the ball struck him on the jaw. Hillel was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. The Cricket association and the players were just left in shock at such an abrupt death. Although the officials don’t suspect any foul play still an investigation has been held.

‘We are simply in shock. We know that a ball had been hit in his direction, he tried to escape it and he fell. What happened after that is still being investigated. The entire Israel Cricket Association and players bow their heads in his memory. He was a wonderful man, cricketer and umpire’ as been said by ICA chief Naor Gudker. Kiran Kidwai – Interntaional Desk, NMTV