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Director of National Security Agency calls upon some of the world’s best hackers to help them with their job, Las Vegas

This is something that would sound a little weird, after what US had gone through because of Edward Snowden, the Director of National Security Agency, Gen. Keith B. Alexander had called upon some of the world’s best hackers and cyber security specialists ‘for their help’. The irony of the whole idea can be that Gen. Alexander had called upon an audience of around 3000 such people who are better known for supporting civil liberties and quite unsupportive of the agency itself. But when Gen. Alexander was addressing the group, he termed them as one of the best collections of technical minds in the whole world. He further, kind of appealed them to help the NASA accomplish its mission of protecting the country and protecting its privacy through their ways. Gen. Alexander such move must have come after facing unstoppable attacks from hackers from countries like China and Russia, who had been continuously attacking the corporate, academic and government computers with a clear intention of spying, backed up by different types of agencies. Along with that even after disclosure of top secret documents by the former government contractor Edward Snowden, NASA had faced a lot of criticism. While including the hackers, Alexander requested the group to first understand the facts and the emergency of the present situation and then decide whether they are ready to serve their country. With this act it is quite clear that the agency is opening up its way of operating and what it is actually doing, as an attempt to answer all those criticism that they had been facing after the whole Edward Snowden episode. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV


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