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Dozens of Russian aid trucks enters the city of Luhansk without Kiev’s approval, Ukraine calls it direct invasion

According to the Russian government, they were tired of Ukraine’s stalling tactics and finally took their own step to reach out to pro Russian separatists in different parts in the city of Luhansk. These civilians had been stranded by the Kiev’s government as they are trying take control of the second largest rebel held city-Luhansk. And to do so the troops have been continuously shelling out the city, cutting off power, telephone lines and making food supplies and water scarce. But now as Russia have started sending out aid trucks to the civilians in these cities, Ukraine government states that Russia in the name of humanitarian is trying to ruin its momentum and planning for invasion.

They have accused Russia of these charges as they lay out that the drivers and the men of these aid trucks were trained military people who are experts in driving combat vehicles. Also they questioned the fact that why were the trucks only half filled with supplies, as the could have easily filled in the whole space further reducing the number of trucks that have already entered the border of Ukraine while dozens were still waiting in line to enter. Russian government denies all allegations made against it stating their move was only an act of humanitarian aid. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV



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