151 proposals of 42 corporators were approved by the NMMC general body this month, en block, without a single proposal being read out by the proposer and seconded by another member present in the house, as required by the Municipal act. Navi Mumbai News brings to you an exclusive report on how Dy. Mayor Bharat Nakhate made a mockery of corporator’s proposals at the last general body meeting of NMMC. The Deputy Mayor Bharat Nakhate declared 151 proposals passed unanimously, virtually making a mockery of all laid procedures for the conduct of the House. Observers say that even the municipal secretary Chandrakant Deokar connived in the violation by allowing the presiding deputy mayor to approve the proposal en block in less than a minute, without these being seconded by a member, other than the proposer. The current general body has been witnessing violations of House conduct procedures several times. The Deputy mayor Bharat Nakhate has resorted to verbal threats to silence or bar the opposition from rising issue or placing their point of view before the House, thus abusing democratic norms that govern the conduct of the House. Even a Senior NCP Corporator Manohar Madvi and Independent Corporator allied to the NCP Sudhakar Sonawne became victims of the high-handed bullying by Bharat Nakhate, presiding for the Mayor. Manohar Madvi was silenced and not allowed to continue when he was making a serious allegation against the assistant legal officer of NMMC Sanjay Bhate, who he alleged had illegally passed on NMMC cases to his advocate wife, Savita Bhate. Madvi had to ultimately threaten to take the matter to court. Even Sudhakar Sonawne had to resort to breaking the mike, tearing the meeting agenda and throwing it at the officiating mayor Bharat Nakhate, as he was not allowed to raise the issue of the administration denying promotions to the scheduled casts during a discussion on the Municipal commissioner’s proposal promotion of Deputy Engineers as executive engineers. A furious Sonawne and his corporator wife staged a walk out from the House in protest. Speaking to Navi Mumbai News, Sudhakar Sonawane blamed the high handedness of Bharat Nakhate during the meet. These unruly scenes have become common in the general body whenever Bharat Nakhate has presided in the absence of the Mayor, Manisha Bhoir. This does affected Dy. Mayor Bharat Nakhate as is evident in his response to these reports. This does affect Dy. Mayor Bharat Nakhate as is evident in his response to these reports. It is also being said that Bharat Nakhate closest equation as the most loyal corporator of Ganesh Naik, the NCP supremo in the city, has allegedly led to the arrogance displayed and thereby the blot being inflicted on Ganesh Naik’s image in the House – a case of strength being translated into weakness and virtue into vice.


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