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Easier said than done ! New CIDCO Chairman exuberates confidence of resolving land acquisition for Navi Mumbai Airport

Celebrations in CIDCO on getting the final approval for their master plan was short lived as ghosts of land acquisition haunt the city makers. With the farmers demanding CIDCO’s own auction price for their land; the problem has become tougher. The new Chairman Pramod Hindurao exuberates confidence that the issue will be resolved but is it a case of easier said than done?

Not even in their wildest dreams; could CIDCO have imagined that the farmers would give CIDCO a taste of their own medicine. As officials in CIDCO are coming out the of the shock of this bizarre demand and working on ways to convince farmers; a new Chairman has taken charge of office in CIDCO and he is confident that the land acquisition would be done in a couple of months. In a recent press conference, when the media question CIDCO Chairman Pramod Hindurao accepted that the land acquisition of 13 villages remains a challenge. He was confident that CIDCO officials would convince villagers to accept the rehabilitation package being offered by CIDCO.

While the Chairman is confident of crossing the land acquisition hurdle; it is easier said than done. Who does not remember how during his visit to Navi Mumbai, Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan too had voiced concern terming land acquisition as a major hurdle.

Sources say that the process of acquiring land has become so difficult that it may delay the project further and might even lead to the state failing to meet its first deadline of 2014. Infact, with the worldwide recession in US, Europe and other parts of the world, this project seems to be losing its way. The government is worried at the pace of land acquisition so much that it has asked CIDCO to put on hold the proposed demolition of the 92-metre hillock on the airport site. However, all these reports are being covered up. Sources say that under pressure with builders in Navi Mumbai, CIDCO is hushing up this issue and only positive reports of the airport are being flashed so that builders and CIDCO officials continue to make moolah while it lasts. With cameraman Santosh Bodhare, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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