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First Lady Michelle Obama takes the centre stage to reveal her husband’s unspeakable courage and values in guiding the country

After Mitt Romney’s wife, it was now the time of first lady Michelle Obama to take centre stage and speak on her husband’s so far record that he has till date maintained in his office.

There was a huge crowd that had come to the first day of convention, and as it was expected we heard Obama mocking against Mitt Romney’s till date policies and plans that he had forwarded for the upliftment of the economy. While praising her husband’s tough job of dealing with the everyday decisions that comes along his office desk, Michelle Obama also kept convincing the crowd that Mitt Romney had already proved with his policies that if brought in power he would take the country backward rather than doing anything beneficial for the people.

Although, I do believe that’s its natural for Michelle Obama to be all praise for her husband, but I do also believe that the confidence that could be heard from the first lady’s speech is because being a partner she understands Barack Obama much better than any other person ever close to him. And if we go by her words, President Barack Obama comes in a very respectable category, who gives first priority to the welfare of his people and the upliftment of the economy to other task that’s been allotted to him. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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