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Ganesh Naik Is NMTV Person Of The Year 2020

2020 will be etched in our memory forever and will be recalled as perhaps being the most life-changing year ever. Just weeks into the year, COVID-19 upended life as we knew it — at Navi Mumbai, across the country and the world.

As the enormity of the challenge became apparent, Navi Mumbai like any other scrambled to adjust their lives to uncertainty, to maintain a sense of togetherness, and to help in a time of need – the real heroes stood up and took on the fatal virus from front lines.

And in Navi Mumbai – only one leader rose to the occasion – Ganesh Naik. As all other leaders of every single party disappeared from the city and locked themselves within the safety of their homes – Ganesh Naik dared to challenge COVID-19 to “guard” Navi Mumbai – on a daily basis from the very moment the city went in Lockdown.

And hence NMTV, by popular choice – has chosen Ganesh Naik as – NMTV Person of the Year 2020. While there are no first, second or third places for ranking NMTV Person of the Year 2020 – even if they were they would all be taken by Ganesh Naik for the single reason being that he was the only leader who chose to become a shield for Navi Mumbai – protecting it from the fatal COVID-19 at times risking himself.

In words of his own corporators, supporters & party workers, “In 2020, Ganesh Naik has proven why there never was, there isn’t and there never will be another who truly deserves to be respected as the Guardian of Navi Mumbai.”



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