Ganesh Naik & Vijay Chougule friends again ?


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At one point in time, former Minister Ganesh Naik and Shiv Sena leader Vijay Chougule were a formidable force. No one could stand against them in Navi Mumbai politics. Vijay Chougule was known as the face of former Minister Ganesh Naik’s army.However, politics showed its true color and one time friends former Minister Ganesh Naik and Vijay Chougule became foes. Over the years they were seen as bitter enemies. But the division of their strength cost them dearly.

Vijay Chougule lost three crucial consecutive elections while former Minister Ganesh Naik had to face the defeat of his son Sanjeev Naik in Lok Sabha polls and his defeat by arch rival Manda Mhatre of BJP in Vidhan Sabha polls.The political compulsions of both leaders has become such that today many believe former Minister Ganesh Naik and Vijay Chougule must come together again to ensure that their opponents Belapur MLA Manda Mhatre, Shiv Sena Upneta Vijay Nahata and Congress leader Dashrath Bhagat don’t win. Now it remains to be seen whether Ganesh Naik and Vijay Chougule will come together again or not.