Garbage menace becomes worrisome for Juinagar residents

Heaps of garbage accumulated in sector-24 and sector-25 of Juinagar is posing to be a threat to public health and hygiene in the locality. The locals of the area met with NMTV News on the problems that they face due to these unhygienic conditions.

Heaps of garbage at sectors 24 and 25 of Juinagar has become a problem for the residents living here. For weeks now, the garbage and filth has not been removed creating an unhygienic atmosphere in the area. Residents of the societies are facing the brunt of this with many cases of malaria being reported in their societies. Foul smell emanates from the waste, which has made life miserable for residents and passersby. Besides, regular garbage collection is not done here. Residents claim that garbage piles up and is only collected twice or thrice a week. It maybe noted that NMMC has a contract with a private company who is responsible for replacement of garbage bins or supplying waste bins in the satellite city. Sources informed that there are around 400 bins unused and the contract period is up to 2012 but still these sectors lack garbage bins too. During monsoon, garbage gets mixed with rainwater and it flows from these bins. Stray dogs, rodents, mosquitoes, and flies thrive here and spread the filth everywhere. With cameraperson Satosh Bodhare, Sonam Dhepe for NMTV News.

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