Global shame ! US advises India to exercise restraint while dealing with Anna

The 65th Independence Day will perhaps be a red lettered day in the history of India when the country witnessed times no Indian will be proud about.

In a rather shameful and embarrassing turn of events that has left the Dr. Manmohan Singh led UPA government red-faced, a message has come from the United States. Uncle Sam, who has been singing praises about Indian all along has suddenly said something that has left political parties, especially the Congress furious.

Wondering what it could be? Well, United States has advised the Dr. Manmohan Singh government to exercise restraint while dealing with Anna Hazare and other social activists that have begun a movement against corruption.

In other words, India’s movement against corruption has become global. Victoria Nuland, the spokesperson of the US State Department, made the official statement sending across this advisory. While both the BJP and Congress have slammed the United States asking them to “mind their own business,” what cannot be undone is the one-after-the-other corruption scandals that have rocked the nation and now the civil society activists’ battle against corruption has brought global shame to India.

Nothing could be more unfortunate than this for nation that is celebrating its 64th Independence Day.


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