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Greed for power within NCP corporators exposed in NMMC Standing Committee

The standard of NMMC Standing Committee has touched rock bottom. Call it the greed for power that the senior corporators of NCP party in Standing Committee are continuously mocking and taunting at the Chairman exposing the rifts and misunderstandings among NCP corporators. Party sources say that Anant Sutar and Shivram Patil play trouble-makers for Chairman Ramesh Shinde on purpose.

That senior corporators of NCP Anant Sutar and Shivram Patil were unhappy when Ramesh Shinde was chosen as NMMC Standing Committee Chairman continues to be a much-speculated topic of discussions in the corridors of power in NMMC. And the conduct of Anant Sutar and Shivram Patil in Standing Committee meetings off late has only added fuel to fire. This week’s Standing Committee arguments touched an all time low as Anant Sutar and Shivram Patil taunted, shouted, mocked and hit out at the Chairman of the committee Ramesh Shinde. Under the pretext of irregular meetings and less proposals on the agenda, Shivram Patil and Anant Sutar blamed Ramesh Shinde for being a failed Chairman of the Standing Committee. The meeting started with Anant Sutar’s taunt at Ramesh Shinde.

He questioned Ramesh Shinde whether there was a dearth of issues in Navi Mumbai. Indirectly accepting that they were using insulting language against the Chairman Ramesh Shinde. Anant Sutar said that Ramesh Shinde’s conductance as Chairman forced them to talk to him in such language. Anant Sutar continued his tirade against the Chairman saying once a very important meeting of NMMC, the Standing Committee has today becoming an eating-drinking get together of corporators. He said that the standards of the meeting have touched rock bottom.

Continuing from where Anant Sutar left, Shivram Patil said that Ramesh Shinde has failed to take up the issue of the rights of the Standing Committee with the general body in NMMC. Shivram Patil went on to question the decision of his party’s high commands in Navi Mumbai to make Ramesh Shinde, the Chairman. Using derogatory language, Shivram Patil accused Ramesh Shinde of calling off meetings even when cats and dogs die. Shivram Patil continued the insult against Ramesh Shinde by saying that he would be remembered as the Chairman in whose tenure the performance would be rated as “zero”.

Seeing how his party corporators were attacking, blaming, insulting and taunting him – Ramesh Shinde broke his silence and questioned whether Shivram Patil was playing the role of the opposition in the Standing Committee. The attitude of senior corporators of NCP in NMMC Standing Committee has forced many to say that with corporators like Anant Sutar and Shivram Patil within the NCP, there is no need for opposition from rival parties. Perhaps that is why in every week’s Standing Committee meeting, senior corporators of NCP keep on attacking their Chairman Ramesh Shinde while the opposition has a good laugh and the other corporators of NCP in the Standing Committee watch the show as mute spectators. And to think that this very hall witnessed some of the best meetings in terms of discipline, progressive discussions and healthy debates in the interest of the city not very long ago when MLA Sandeep Naik was the chairman of the committee. What a shame indeed. With Monika Bhosale, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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