The aftermath investigations in the murder case of the Rabale cop ruffled a few feathers when Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik arrived to check on one of the suspects who was allegedly unlawfully beaten up by the police. The role of the Navi Mumbai Police in the investigations pf murdered Rabale cop Gopal Vasant Saidana has come under the scanner. The police seem to have allegedly illegally taken the two teenage sons of the suspect Mukhtar Ansari and allegedly beaten them up like animals in custody. Mukhtar Ansari – is a NCP party worker and notorious for deals in scrap selling business. He is a suspect in the Rabale cop’s murder but the police allegedly for no reason took his sons into custody and beat them up and later even Mukhtar Ansari met with the same treatment. Had it not been for the Guardian Minister’s timely intervention, one of them could have been killed in police custody. The police are receiving heavy criticism for taking into custody the two teenage sons of Ansari who have no criminal record. The condition of the boys in hospital shows the brutality and inhuman treatment done to them. Despite innumerable remarks of the State Human Rights Commission and Supreme Court ruling on third degree torture, the police have allegedly ignored it all. Undoubtedly had this murder case not been that of a man in uniform, the police would not have been so unjustified aggressive. If Mukhtar Ansari is involved in the murder, why was he released after the Guardian Minister’s intervention and if there is not conclusive proof of his involvement in the murder, then why did the police brutally beat him and his two teenage sons who have no criminal records? It may be recalled that when the media has questioned DCP Amar Jadhav about Mukhtar Ansari’s conclusive involvement, he denied the same. Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik and 1st Mayor Sanjeev Naik were quite concerned about the condition of Ansari and his two sons. While GM GN refused to comment in the matter, 1st Mayor Sanjeev Naik did. There is no doubt that the pain one could see in the Guardian Minister’s eyes would be the reaction of any commoner. There definitely seems to be stark contrast in the police’s attitude towards investigations when it involves a man in uniform and a commoner.


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