gudiThe city yet once again came alive with celebrations. Going a step ahead of the trend of unitedly celebrating all festivals with the same gusto and zeal, today the city is served with the revels of Gudipadwa. Navi Mumbai news too wishes all its viewers festive greetings. The city has been blessed with the right spirit and enthusiasm to celebrate as the traditional Maharashtra New Year; Gudipadwa was celebrated, filling the city with joyous atmosphere. Sweets and festive delicacies became the order of the day. The festival added spike and pep to all hearts. Gudi means a banner raised to announce victory and joy and “Padva” is another name for “Pratipada” which is the first day of a lunar month. It is a day of great festivity and rejoicing as it commemorates the triumphant expeditions of the Maratha armies. People get up early and clean their houses, decorating them with intricate rangoli designs. This worship to the “Gudi” is supposed to drive away evil ushers in prosperity and good fortune. A brightly colored silk cloth is first tied to a wooden pole with a brass or silver goblet or kalash is placed upturned atop it. This is called the “Gudi”. The “Gudi” or decorated pole is placed where passers by can see it. Gudi Padva is considered one of the auspicious days in the year when people start new ventures.


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