Has NMMC TPO blundered by giving CC to dilapidated JN 2 Type apartments at sector 9, Vashi? –Weekend Exclusive

Looks like the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’ Town Planning Office has made a huge blunder. From the looks of it the Town Planning Office has given the CC to two JN Type building’s redevelopment work in violation of the MRTP Act. No excuses or cover up by the Town Planning Office will work this time round as NMMC’s very own leader – the Mayor Sagar Naik has gone on record to say to Dy. Editor Sana Warsia in an exclusive interview that the Town Planning Office has indeed blundered !!!!

As the stakes are going up and high in the redevelopment of dilapidated CIDCO buildings, so are the number of violations, controversies and even threats ! These reports are coming from Vashi where NMMC Town Planning Office has granted permission for redevelopment to two JN 2 type buildings. These are building no 1 and 3 in Ashirwad Apartments Owner’s Association near Sainath English High School. Reliable sources reveal that residents of building no. 3 were unanimous to get their building redeveloped but since the area of one building was too small and could not be granted redevelopment permission, the local corporator Pranali Lad’s husband former Congress corporator Avinash Lad approached the apartment owners of building no. 1 as well. In this building, some residents were against redevelopment, but there are allegations that Avinash Lad along with the builder threatened them and bullied residents to forcefully evacuate their house and the buildings were demolished late in the night. Soon after, the builder put up a file in the Town Planning Office and the Town Planning Office reportedly gave the builder Commencement Certificate in haste. Later the builder approached for CIDCO NOC. CIDCO in turn wrote to Ashirwad Apartments Owner’s Association to give their NOC. It was then revealed that the association had never given their NOC to the builder and without the association’s NOC the NMMC Town Planning Office granted the permission to these buildings for redevelopment. It was then that all hell broke loose with a delegation of the members of Ashirwad Apartments Owner’s Association visiting Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s janta darbaar to apprise him of the blunder done by NMMC and also how residents were forced to leave their apartments.

The Chairman of the Association informed how the apartment owners were threatened to vacate. Voicing concern over the redevelopment project of the two buildings, the Chairman said that while the builder will earn money now, it would be the residents who will be at loss. Other residents of the association too are protesting against the high handedness of the builder.

They say that the majority was not taken into confidence and the rules of the association are being violated. They say that NMMC TPO should not have given CC. When we met former Congress corporator Avinash Lad, on the allegations of threatening residents in nexus with the builder to evacuate the buildings, he refuted the allegations.

He accepted that they do not have the association’s NOC and said that they had approached the society for NOC, but they were not given the NOC. On the contrary Avinash Lad challenged CIDCO for asking for the NOC. Avinash Lad did not had no convincing legal reply but one with the human angle. Meanwhile, after patiently hearing the residents, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik said that he had ordered an enquiry into the allegations. According to sources in NMMC, post this janta darbaar, as the CC started being reviewed, there is panic in the town planning office. Senior officials within NMMC are of the opinion the Town Planning Office could not grant CC to the buildings as their was no NOC from the Association, which is mandatory according to the MRTP Act.

The other mandatory rule that seems to have been violated is that the redevelopment work should have been approved in annual general meeting, which was again not done in this case. Perhaps, that is why now even the Mayor of NMMC has gone on record to say that the Town Planning Office was wrong to give CC to Building No. 1 and 3 for redevelopment.

Not only has the TPO made a huge blunder, but it is also making a mockery of its own decision to call for a CRISIL report and is making the Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s concept of “scientific redevelopment” increasingly impossible. Meanwhile, the Ashirwad Apartment Owner’s Association has warned buyers not to purchase property in these buildings in leading newspapers, as the society has not given its NOC to the controversial project.

Occupancy certificates to towers on Palm Beach Road that grossly violate fire safety and FSI norms, mischief in notification for parking rules for residential complexes to favour the builder’s lobby and now CC to two dilapidated CIDCO buildings that did not have the association’s NOC – the NMMC Town Planning Office seems to be making blunders one after the other. Unless, officials responsible for permitting such violations are not suspended for dereliction of duty, there is little hope of correcting the corrupt functioning of the NMMC Town Planning Office. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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