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Hesham Qandil, the newly appointed Prime minister of Egypt raises concern among the officials and the people

Hesham Qandil, 50, would be a name in the political field that has not been known to many people either personally or professionally, whose political career itself has been of six months of being in charge of water and irrigation. With such a little political experience how right was it of Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi to round him up for the Prime minister post and at such a time when Egypt is in dire requirement of a strong political leader.

But for many choosing Hesham Qandil had been a good choice as he has no political affiliation. “Under the current situation in Egypt, choosing a man with certain political affiliation or membership to a certain group could further polarise the Egyptians” as been stated by the Editor in chief of Cairo based Weghat Nazar, Ayman al Sayyad.

But for many view Hesham a choice made by President Mohammad Mursi, as someone who would not post any threaten to him and that even being the Prime minister would be doing a job of Secretary to the President. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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