High speed underwater railway to connect India and UAE

Travel between one country to another by an underwater high-speed train sounds stuff of dreams. But a UAE-based company National Advisor Bureau has come up with a concept of a high-speed underwater railway which will connect India and UAE. The proposed rail project will act as a bridge between Mumbai and Fujairah. According to report in Financial Express, the train will travel between Mumbai and Fujairah at a speed of 1000 kilometres per hour which means travellers can complete their Mumbai to Fujairah journey in just 2 hours.

A report in Khaleej Times has quoted Abdulla Alshehhi, the MD and chief consultant at National Advisor Bureau Limited saying that with this underwater railway link, the distance between the two cities would come down to just 2,000 km.

According to reports, the sea line is also expected to improve India and UAE bilateral trade ties between two nations. Alshehhi further states that this project will allow oil to be exported from Fujairah port while excess fresh water from river Narmada can be exported to UAE.

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