nmmc-hospA program was organized by the Hiranandani Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and the Navi Mumbai Municipal Hospital to create awareness about monsoon illnesses. Several doctors and residents attended the awareness program on monsoon illnesses held at the Navi Mumbai Municipal Hospital organized by the Hiranandani Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and the Navi Mumbai Municipal Hospital. Addressing the gathering, Dr. Shalini of Hiranandani Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. shed valuable insight on diseases like malaria, dengue, typhoid and leptospirosis. She said that the root cause of these diseases is water stagnation, water stored for days in a row or consuming contaminated water. She said that dengue and leptospirosis are fatal diseases but the testing part is that it hard to detect. In some cases even after blood tests, they are not detected even if the patient is suffering from these diseases. Likewise typhoid too is hard to be detected. When having fever even after treatment, it is impertinent that tests for these diseases be done. She further threw light on the chicken guinea and said that it is spread by the same mosquito that causes dengue; hence even this disease if fatal. She stressed that people having open wounds should be careful while walking in dirty water during rains, which causes leptospirosis. Dr. Sanjeev Ahuja spoke about gastro and diarrhea. He said that the main precaution in such diseases is boiling drinking water. He explicated that though residents use aqua guard, more often than not they are not cleaned for months that hits water purification process of these machines. He said that mothers should feed their children breast milk and recommended WHO’s ORS. Dr. Ahuja said that both children and adults should take hepatitis injections. Dr. Waril Patrawala spoke about Jaundice and said that there is no specific treatment for this disease. He said that if people take precautions from other monsoon illnesses, it would itself control jaundice. Dr. Chattarjee of Hiranandani Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. informed Navi Mumbai News that they intend to organize such awareness programs until their hospital work completes. When quested of inhibitions of residents in regards to the cost factor in the Super Specialty Hospital, he assured that the fears will never come true.


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