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‘I Am Sorry’ says FIFA President Sepp Blatter, ‘Not So Fast’ replies back David Beckham

After Sepp Blatter had made headlines in the football world for passing racist remarks against the England Team Players, ever since the British people on the whole has been demanding for Blatter to quit his post as he has proved his ignorance in the game on a much higher level.

However, Blatter has refused to do any such thing like quitting, as according to him, a simple sorry and a handshake would be enough to settle and end the issue. Such thinking of Blatter has been supported by many who think that such an open apology to all is a great thinking, but again there are many who don’t think that only an apology would be enough.

Football legend, David Beckham states that such racist remarks can neither be swept under a carpet nor can be silent with a handshake since Blatter remarks were extremely appalling and that if strict actions were not taken this time others would also get a chance to repeat the same offense and then end the matter with a handshake. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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