I will fight against corruption till my last breath : says Anna Hazare as his health deteriorates

Anna Hazare is showing signs of becoming frail and weak but his spirit remains the same.

Sending out a strong message to the government, Anna Hazare has said that “Till the government does not accept all my demands, I will not give up,” said Hazare adding, “Even if I die, I don’t care, but I’ll fight till my life.”

Anna Hazare’s fast entered its ninth day and it was then that the doctors attending Anna advised him to take glucose so that it does not effect his kidneys. But Anna refused saying that when he is already mentally prepared to die for his cause, then why take any treatment at all.

Anna Hazare also said that the battle against corruption is long and even is he dies, all he wants to ensure is that hundreds of Annas are born to continue to battle against corruption.


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